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Wote is a young,full of energy, booming, has strong characteristics of the times and economic strength, good and wide social relationship, high technology corporation.

 Nowadays, Wote develops quickly and need a large number of talents with high quality. The standard is “Morality, Brilliant, Ability,Hard”. It means we will choose the talents that agree with Wote’s Culture and Values. We need the person that has morality, talents, ability and work hard.  

The system of our human resource is “People first, Use advantages, Be tolerant of disadvantage, talents can have good develop in Wote, inappropriate people cannot stay in Wote”. The management principle is science and humanization. We hope to encourage everyone’s enthusiasm during the work and training a group of specialized talents that are honesty, initiative and brave to innovation. In the relationship of human resource, technology and market, Wote put human resource at the first place. We respect to every employee and try to create fair competition environment. Wote not only provides promotion opportunity for every employee, but also adjust the salary all the time in order to let excellent employee get their worthy return. We treat our employees truthfully and honestly. Such as the ancients words said, “military war strive for fortress, business war strive for people’s heart, the one can conquer others mind can success”.

Wote suggests healthy lifestyle. We hope employees can coordinate work, family and mental life together. Therefore, Wote cares about employees’ life . We put basic requirement of daily life and ideal lifestyle together. We are looking forward to achieving the interaction between Wote and employees by healthy working environment, substantial work content and harmonious working atmosphere. We combine corporation’s development and employees’ career planning. We wish to achieve corporation’s development aim and employee’s individual aim together.

We expected you to bring your talents into the harmonious and passionate working environment. Under the development of Wote, you can progress and develop at the same time. 

Welcome to walter!

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